Branding For Small Businesses Package

What is a “Brand”

Selling a great product or service is at the heart of every successful business.  Developing a brand enables your business to become the first choice for customers old and new.  Good branding can set your business apart from (and above) the competition.  Good branding creates a personality for your business including business stationery, uniforms and all aspects of design.  Good branding is a very effective method of communication.

Brands Improve Perceptions.  Perceptions Improve Sales.

Developing a brand will help improve the customer’s perception of your business.  Good branding means good customer perception.  Good customer perception means more sales.  If your business operates in a competitive environment then getting your brand right can mean you outsell your competitors and ensure the long term success of your business.

Whether you realise it or not, your business already has a brand – your customers already have perceptions on what your business means to them.  Developing your brand ensures you communicate your message to them more clearly reassuring your customers and increasing their loyalty.  Make the most of this connection between your customers and your business by building a brand they can trust.

Next steps

The prospect of developing your brand and brand identity can seem daunting.  Don’t worry!  We offer a full branding service with marketing, public relations and design expertise available to support you through every step of the way to build your brand and drive your sales.

All pricing options can be found on the Services page.  If you’d like to discuss prices & create your ideal package please contact me for more information. (this is a standard sentence that appears on several pages – a decision needs to be made on what the price list page is going to be called).

Commissioning us to develop your brand will mean we will work with you to develop your brand values and unique selling points (USPs) before we start developing the visual aspects of your brand (your brand identity).

Special Offer

Why not super charge your business with our branding service coupled with a new website incorporating the new visual elements of your brand?  We are offering generous discounts on our Complete Design and Branding Package.