Complete Design & Branding Package

The Complete Business Package

We are offering a generously discounted design & branding package.  This includes

  • One-to-one consultation to develop your brand values
  • One-to-one consultation to develop your brand’s unique selling points (USPs)
  • All visual elements of your new brand (your new logo and your newly designed business stationery)
  • A new website incorporating all elements of your new brand

Stand Apart from the Crowd

There are many “off the shelf” products now available.  This can include the automated design of business logos and website builder tools.  The downside to this approach is there is no element of the design or presentation that is unique to your business. Many of these templates will be replicated many times over with little or no distinction between each of the businesses they represent. Never forget that many more people read content on the internet than read magazines and newspapers.  Ensuring you stand out from your competitors with a good online presence is essential for the continuing success of your business.  Couple this online presence with a fresh, appealing brand and you are maximising the likelihood of continuing business success.

 Next steps

The prospect of developing your brand, brand identity and launching a newly branded website can seem like a daunting and time consuming task.  Our offer is comprehensive and includes all the necessary marketing, public relations and design expertise necessary to develop your brand and support you through every step of the way to launching your new brand and driving up sales.

 All pricing options can be found on the Services page.  If you’d like to discuss prices & create your ideal package please contact me for more information.