Consultation / Briefing Session

Consultation & Briefing

The briefing session is a face-to-face meeting where we establish your needs from your website. At this point we will establish exactly what will be included on the website, who it is aimed at (target market) & what returns you expect from your investment (whether you want to make sales online, generate leads or create mailing lists, for example). During the briefing we will consider a range of issues including domain names, website hosting and tools for reporting. We explain everything to you providing enough information for you to make informed decisions every step of the way

Following the meeting I write up a project brief. Included in the Brief will be my recommendation on which technologies would be best suited to your needs & requirements. The Brief will also include suggestions on the look, feel and presentation of the website. The project brief will include the final price for your bespoke website and will require your approval. (For a guide to prices, please see the Services page (please note the prices listed are intended as a guide & quotations can only be given after the consultation / briefing session allowing for any extras that you require).

Developing Your Website Content

Once the brief is approved the next step will be to create the keywords (the words that will direct search engines to your website), copy (words that appear on the website) and the images for the website. If you chose to have us develop the content (an extra service we will offer you during the consultation process) we will create fresh, unique & compelling content for your website. Once the draft content is completed, you have the opportunity to edit it prior to sign off.

Once the keywords, copy & images are approved we commence the technical aspect of the job – the design & coding stage. During this stage we start the design and technical aspects of building the website. If you’d like to learn more about the design & coding stage, please follow the link here.

Consultation & Briefing Sessions Are Free of Charge

If you are interested in discussing a new website or redesigning your existing website why not take advantage of our free consultations. Contact me today for your free consultation.