Design & Coding Stage


I am a post graduate graphic designer who uses a range of skills to deliver designs that delight my clients. These design skills will be used to create a unique look to your website, in keeping with your business brand (should you have one, if you don’t we can help there too – have a look at our business branding service).


The coding work is the creation of the code that governs the appearance and functionality of your website. We use up-to-date website coding practices and ensure that your new website adheres to all necessary web standards & protocols. If you would like more information about web standards & protocols I use, please contact me for further information.

Your New Website

Once the design and coding stages are completed your website will be complete. Prior to putting the website “live” on the internet we meet again to look at the website, make any slight adjustments required and sign off on the design and coding stage.

Once ready, I recommend a soft launch for your new website. The reasons why I recommend a soft launch are explained here.

Don’t Forget: Consultation & Briefing Sessions Are Free of Charge

If you are interested in discussing a new website or redesigning your existing website why not take advantage of our free consultations. Contact me today for your free consultation.