Submission to Search Engines

When we are ready to launch your website I will submit your website to Google & Bing for listing (these two search engines dominate the internet). You will also be offered the opportunity to register your website with the Open Directory Project (also known as DMOZ)

Search Engine Optimisation

In addition to the SEO we will have done on your website, known as on page optimisation, we can provide a range of services to maximise your website’s position in search engine results with off page optimisation techniques.

27% of people rarely or never look at more than one page of search engine results. Constantly updating your content will increase your position & rank with the search engines. For more information on our competitively priced off page search engine optimisation services that increase your search engine position and page rank please contact me.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is another strategy that will increase your website’s presence and location in search engine results. We can advise you on developing effective Google Ad-word campaigns. Contact us for more information

Offline Advertising

In addition to advertising online, you are encouraged to advertise your new website at every opportunity.

Marketing Materials

New marketing materials are an effective tool for promoting your new website, we can work with you to develop a range of posters, flyers, brochures and copy for advertisements ensuring you promote your new site. Contact me for more information.

Developing a Brand

New businesses and those with new websites are presented with the perfect opportunity to develop a credible, memorable brand for their business. A new website is a huge part of this process; to complete the process with complementary business stationery and other materials that reinforce your brand, please contact me.

The Best Websites Are Fresh Websites

Ensuring your content, images and design remains fresh is an important aspect of running a successful website, we offer a full aftercare service. Details can be found here.

Remember! We Don’t Charge For Consultations!
If you are interested in discussing a new website or redesigning your existing website why not take advantage of our free consultations. Contact me today for your free consultation.