Redesign, Editing & Revisions

The Best Websites Are Fresh Websites

What do we mean when we say the best websites are fresh websites? Key to your success will be your search engine rankings. The search engines crawl websites and love new content and new images that they can classify and use in the search engine results (their job is to provide the best user experience). Help the search engines to help you by:

  • Updating your websites written content regularly
  • Changing the images on your website regularly

You may, in time want to add additional functions and features to your website (for example, e-commerce and tools to capture contact information for prospective customers). We can support all of these requirements in a responsive yet affordable way. Contact me for more information

New Content & Search Engine Optimisation

Developing new content, blogging and the use of social media is a key tool to ensuring the success of your website. We can provide a range of services to meet your needs and budget. Please contact me to learn how we could help you achieve your business aims with a fresh, results optimised website

All Consultations Are Free of Charge

If you are interested in discussing a new website or redesigning your existing website why not take advantage of a free no-obligation consultation? We can discuss your requirements over the telephone, via email or with a face-to-face meeting – whichever you’d prefer. Contact me today!