Web Design & Creation

Web Design & Creation

The Power of the Internet (Why You Should Have a Website)

The internet is continually evolving. The technology, standards & functions of good websites on the internet are evolving too. Websites that may have been fit for purpose several years ago can look very old & tired and may easily fail to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of a more sophisticated potential customer base.

No business can afford to ignore the internet. Recent research shows that internet sales are growing six times faster than high street sales. Google estimates that there are 46 million people in the UK who use the internet and research suggests that 80% of people in Wales are regular internet users. People spend more time online than they do reading newspapers or magazines and 98.7% of young Brits (aged 16 – 24) use the internet. As these young people grow up, the internet is, without a shadow of a doubt, the first port of call both now, and into the future, when people are looking for new products or services.

Your Website – Built to Successfully Promote Your Business Online

I offer a full design service giving you a website that is functional, suited to your needs on the web and, all importantly, attracts new business. I offer a full range of websites from single page static sites to fully interactive sites. When starting to build your website, we would usually follow this process:

• Consultation / Briefing Session
• Design & Coding Stage
• Soft Launch
• Launch

For businesses with existing websites we also provide the following service:

• Redesign, Editing & Revisions

You can follow each of the links above to learn more about the processes involved with creating your website or if you’d prefer to discuss your requirements please contact me for a no obligation consultation and quote.


All of our websites are designed to be complementary to your brand values, USPs and existing visual identity. The look and feel of your website will reinforce and assist your brand building online. If you require assistance developing your brand or are considering re-branding; please see our Business Branding service.